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Bevis England works, though his company Telework New Zealand, to help organisations, governments, communities and individuals prepare for and take advantage of change.

The work of Telework New Zealand includes implementing and managing "telework" programmes, policies and strategies -- for both Government and employers. The company has evolved from a long interest in flexible work environments (including telework) and its many benefits. This interest initially (1989-93) took the shape of a network for self-employed people working at home but now involves a fully-featured business consultancy, government advice and policy, and a variety of partnerships and projects. Telework New Zealand supports policy makers and business leaders as they seek to make sense out of the future and its implications, gain from the many benefits available, and implement practical, achievable strategies.

Bevis England worked in Government and in magazine editing and freelance writing before setting up a public relations consultancy in 1987.  Telework New Zealand became a full-time business in 1997.  Bevis was made Mayoral Ambassador for Information Technology for Waitakere City in 2002 and became a member of Citrix Online's global Web Commuting Council in early 2009.

Bevis has worked with:

  • New Zealand Government departments, agencies and representatives (including NZ Customs Service, Department of Labour's Community Employment Group, Land Information New Zealand, the Foundation for Research, Science and Technology, and the Tertiary Education Commission)

  • Local Government bodies, including Auckland, Wellington, Waikato and Canterbury Regional Councils, Waitakere, North Shore, Manukau and Christchurch City Councils, Gisborne District Council

  • The Federal Government of Australia. (Bevis assisted the Australian Telework Advisory Committee in 2005-06 before being contracted to develop and maintain the Telework Australia web site. This work is ongoing.)

  • The Municipal Association of Victoria and Industry & Innovation New South Wales

  • The TravelSmart Workplace team for the State of Western Australia

  • The West Australian Department of Health

  • Imago Multimedia in Western Australia

  • Accountancy firms

  • Legal partnerships (including Hesketh Henry in Auckland)

  • Manufacturing companies

  • Insurance and finance companies (including GAB Robins and NZI/IAG)

  • Property developers

  • Training organisations (including in the USA and Aspin Consulting in Melbourne)

  • Community groups, including Maori trusts and social service organisations

  • Personnel and Call Centre consultancies

  • Interest groups including the Insurance Institute, the Institute of Chartered Accountants, the Valuers Association, the New Zealand Computer Society and the Australian Computer Society

  • Banks (including the Reserve Bank of New Zealand)

  • Technology companies and communication service providers (including Telecom New Zealand, Toshiba, and Hewlett-Packard)

  • Publishers

  • Travel agencies

Bevis provides seminars, briefings and presentations for individuals and teams, facilitates discussion, and assists with policy development, project management, telework implementation, and preparing for change at a variety of levels.  The products and services available are flexible and responsive. 


Phone: +64 27 494 0700, +61 1800 283 089
Skype: bevis.england,
Post: PO Box 60-469, Titirangi, Waitakere City 0642, Auckland, New Zealand




General services include:

  • Executive briefings

  • Opportunity identification

  • Strategy development and programme implementation - Supporting all steps involved in developing practical strategies and successful programmes for enterprises, governments, communities and individuals.

  • Telework training and Orientation

  • Ongoing support - evaluating, auditing, adapting and expanding strategies and programmes as required, mentoring and support services, targeted research and analysis, and more.

Bevis is an entertaining and thought-provoking speaker for conferences or other special events and is able to deliver many of his services 'virtually'.

Bevis England, Telework New Zealand,  Phone: +64-9-817 8024 or +64-27-494 0700  Skype: bevis.england

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