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Implementation Support

In addition to the other resources available through this web site Telework New Zealand is able to offer many other levels of assistance.

For example, we periodically run workshops & seminars for interested organizations. These events can cover a range of introductory issues including the human resource, productivity and transport benefits of telework and the importance of telework and other flexible work options as a business continuity tool. They also consider what telework can mean in practice. Case studies and a cost-benefit analysis tool are presented before working through a ‘better practice’ implementation process, from assessing the existing situation and establishing the parameters for a telework programme, through to preparing an action plan and initiating the programme. Other topics covered include establishing guidelines, selecting appropriate staff, developing relevant agreements and handling possible senior management questions.

Throughout the workshop, relevant resources and template documents can be edited collaboratively to give attendees both a comprehensive guide to follow if they were starting from scratch and a base against which to benchmark existing practice. Workshops can also introduce some staff training resources and the concept of “telecentres”.

Presentations and workshops can be delivered in person or ‘virtually’ & can be tailored to match your requirements. Perhaps you would like help presenting telework to your colleagues or managers. Perhaps you would like assistance understanding how the practice could be used in for particular context. Or perhaps you have a specific issue that is causing problems. These workshops could assist you. (Customised presentations & workshops can also be prepared.)

If you would like to know when we are running our next event in your area, or if a customised presentation would be more useful to you, contact

Attendees at previous workshops have provided the following comments:

I found the recent MAV Telework workshop highly informative. I was particularly impressed by the amount of resources that were provided. – Economic Development Coordinator

I personally found the workshop really insightful and thought provoking. What was discussed will definitely inform my thinking about future policy direction around flexible working options as well as how we approach accommodation issues. -- Manager, People & Performance

An informative workshop that highlighted the significant benefits of telework and the key challenges associated with implementing it. Participants received guidelines for the development of a telework policy and shared in the documenting of an action plan for its implementation in Councils, including the assessment of both staff members and positions in the organisation that are suited to telework. – Human Resource Team Leader

The Telework workshop provided a solid understanding of the Telework concept and how this may be applied to councils in various stages of implementing flexible work options. Participants worked collaboratively to establish a wealth of shared documentation with a view to creating dynamic and forward thinking local government workplaces.  – OD Manager

The Telework workshop really opened my eyes to the many ways that Local Government can benefit by having a Telework strategy in place, including but not limited to, significant savings and improvements in productivity, retention and absenteeism. It provided participants with a fantastic opportunity to share knowledge and ideas which can only assist us all in our efforts to make Teleworking in the future a natural and accepted business practice. – Organisational Development Advisor 

As a transport planner, I attended the workshop because I thought that Telework might be a way to reduce car trips to and from work for some staff. I came away from this workshop with this thought confirmed, but also with an understanding of just how much impact Telework can have on an organisation - from reducing car trips and fuel emissions, to increasing staff retention and improving productivity. I was also amazed by how many different types of jobs could be suited to telework – it’s not just the desk jobs that this could work with.  As a result of attending the workshop I think I now have the answers and data to dispel almost every 'We can't telework because.....' statement someone could think of!! – Integrated Transport Planner



Telework New Zealand is here to help you make the most effective use of this exciting working practice. To find out more about the services offered, & what they might cost, please get in touch. Of course we are also available to answer quick questions, by phone (09 817 8024) or email:

Bevis England, Telework New Zealand,  Phone: +64-9-817 8024 or +64-27-494 0700  Skype: bevis.england

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