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Today’s technology enables employees to work anywhere and everywhere, giving the word “workplace” a whole new meaning, and introducing a whole new set of challenges. To thrive in a virtual workplace, organisations, teams, and individuals need new skills, tools and training. This is what provides: leading edge, highly interactive, web-based training that is now being used by small companies, large multi-nationals, companies just beginning, and even companies with the most renowned workplace programs in the world!

Why A Training Solution for Employees?

Virtual work can be quite daunting, even for your best employees. Virtual workers, whether they are mobile workers, distributed workers, or teleworkers, face new challenges for staying visible and connected, maintaining work accountability and credibility, and managing time, workload and performance. The web-based virtual worker course provides employees with the skills they need to thrive in the new virtual workplace.

Why A Training Solution for Managers?

Managing in the virtual workplace can challenge the traditional skills of the most experienced manager. Without proper preparation, a manager’s weakest skills are amplified, further reducing the potential of virtual work success. To be successful in the virtual workplace, managers must improve performance and contribution while maintaining highly effective interaction, collaboration and teamwork. The web-based manager course helps prepare managers to face these challenges in the new virtual workplace.

What Will this Training Provide?

Through these courses, employees & managers acquire the knowledge, skills, tools and resources to:

  • Plan, develop, launch and practice a highly effective and productive virtual work routine

  • Remain connected, visible, accountable and productive in the virtual workplace

  • Establish and maintain information security, safety, and ergonomic practices

  • Communicate more effectively with managers, co-workers, and customers

  • Manage and balance time, workload & performance with family priorities

  • Establish and commit to criteria for successful job performance

  • Excel in a highly collaborative, interactive, virtual team environment

  • Maximise the use of critical technology and productivity tools

  • Execute a detailed action plan for long term virtual work success

  • Set up, operate and excel in a mobile or home office

  • Work successfully in shared workspaces

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A contemporary, interactive and engaging web-based learning experience

  • The e-Learning solutions are designed with advanced learning techniques

  • Logical, easy to use navigation tools

  • Mentors guide students through the course

  • Full motion video, audio, and flash animation provide a truly interactive experience

  • Key learning points are reinforced with scenarios, quizzes and exercises

Dozens of tips, tools and techniques that can be applied immediately

  • Current, relevant content and a modular design maximises the effectiveness of the programme

  • Action plans help the student translate the course material into action

  • Home office layout and safety exercises reinforce learning points

  • Summaries of learning aids and links assure continuous learning

  • Surveys provide individualised student feedback on their learning experience

How do I purchase these courses?

The e-Learning Courses are available to purchase via credit card:

  • For single users: Employees or managers can purchase individual courses for immediate access. If you are you ready to purchase CLICK HERE to register and purchase with your credit card

  • For multiple-user licenses: A manager can purchase any number of licenses for work groups or entire organisations. You will automatically be provided an administrative account allowing you to assign learners to the licenses you have purchased. If you are you ready to purchase CLICK HERE to register and purchase with your credit card

  • A course can be re-taken by the same learner as often as you like within 90 days

  • The cost of each course is US$89.99 per learner. This discounted price is only available for a limited time.

Can I buy these courses for my company?

There are many benefits to purchasing courses through a purchase order. Contact us to request more information on purchasing direct.

Courses can be customized with your look & feel and your content by:

  • Using your logo and the colour scheme of your corporate brand

  • Using your content and links to internal resources

  • Integrating messaging with your existing programmes and culture

  • Customising printable learning aids with your programme material

Have more questions? Contact us to request more information.

If you are you ready to purchase? CLICK HERE to register and purchase the e-Learning Solution with your credit card.





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